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 Details of My services Personal Value Strategist for executives
the move to secure
New clients
For Managers moving into executive positions within professional service organisations, the ability to secure new clients is a highly valued requirement.

The big hurdle is the transition between learned technical skills and having the ability to convey the value proposition of those skills to prospects in the marketplace to win new business.

I help Managers, Senior Managers and Directors secure new clients by effectively communicating their value proposition and building their authority in the marketplace.

Knowing how to confidently deliver value to prospects and lead conversations with intent, is when networking events become net worth building events.

Combining online and offline strategy builds your authority in the marketplace and converts your networks into a consistent supply of new opportunities, through attraction and without needing to seek out work.

Once you’ve developed the ability to win new clients for your organisation, your own personal satisfaction increases, senior colleagues recognise the increase in your value to the firm, and career advancement is more likely.
Aaron Spehr
Personal Value Strategist. I enjoy working with organisations that contribute innovative value to the world, so I work to empower the people within those organisations to further their cause.

Experiencing the transformation in the people I work with is as personally rewarding for me as it is the individual with the newly acquired skill set.

If this sounds like something you want too, it would be an honour to make it happen for you and I welcome the opportunity to get in touch.
"...Securing new clients by effectively communicating their value proposition and building authority in the marketplace."
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